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EP 3 Joanne Murphy: We’re going to need a bigger problem…

April 22, 2021

Well, hello everyone.  It's PSP time again and in this episode, we talk to Dr Joanne Murphy, Reader in Leadership and Organizational Change, from the Queen's Management School at the Queen's University Belfast.  We also get to find out a little more about our third co-host Karin Bottom's background and experience.

Joanne's experience in organizations and communities in conflict situations gives her some enormously valuable insight into the processes of reconciliation and peace-building. Joanne also leads the Centre for Leadership, Ethics and Organizations at QUB (@cleoqub) where multi-disciplinary scholarship explores some of the thorniest issues.

Joanne shares her perspective on the Irish situation, Brexit, Trump, peace-makers and how we make research and teaching more inclusive.

We also touch upon Twitter as a communication channel for public servants.  Joanne is also an excellent tweeter and can be found discussing everything from politics to the zombie apocalypse at @changeresearch.

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